Customer Testimonials

Celebrate the Season customers are so excited to get their hands in the dirt after they have a new hoop house or start raising their chicks after they get one of our coops! Often times they remember having chickens as a child, or want to have “pets” that will also be educational for their children.

But don’t take it from us, hear what our customers have to say for themselves about their new Celebrate the Season products!

Product: Backyard Chickens Seminar
Customer: Shar, Owner, Happy Hens Farm
What She Said: “I attended the class on April 9, 2011, “MORE On Back Yard Chickens.” I have been raising chickens on and off for the past 45 years and currently have 70 hens, one rooster. I learned so much in the class! I definitely got my money’s worth and then some! Duane covered many aspects of the care of chickens whether one has a few, or a flock of many. I walked away with pages of notes that will help me in the days and years to come in taking care of my ‘girls’…and one rooster. Thank you!”

Product: Western Coop with Additional Custom Runs
Customer: Todd Hakala

western chicken coop

Backyard Coop - Western style.

western coop

Backyard Coop with addtional custom runs.

Product: Mini Hoop House
Customer: Barb Scott
What She Said: “Oh my gosh, I am so touched by my new Hoop House… it! It is adorable, it is sooo cute! We just pulled in the driveway and it is so incredible! I love it sooo much! I just..sniff…The movie I just saw was “One Piece at a Time” and how inspiring! I’m so glad I went. It’s just time.. and it was so inspiring about programs all over the world that are doing positive things to change our world and that Hoop House is one of them!…I’m very excited and I do look forward to meeting you! So we’ll be in touch and thank you for delivering it!  I just love it!”

Product: The Econo Coop
Customer: David Kennell
What He Said: “Duane, [here are] two photos of the chicken coop kit I bought from you at the Clackamas County Fair.  It’s all done now.  We have 4 chickens, Reba, Tanya, Patsy and Shania, the Country Cluckers.”


Are you a customer of Celebrate the Season! Tell us your story! Send photos and comments to us, and we’ll post them!


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